About us

Polyvionics is a French Aerospace company, dedicated to research and engineering

It has been funded in 2007, by General (2S) Bernard Querry, and Stephane Querry

General (2S) Bernard Querry
Co-manager, and co-funder of the Polyvionics company

Stéphane Querry
Co-manager, and co-funder of the Polyvionics company

Of course, engineers are also involved or have been involved in the Polyvionics company birth:
Paul Fays-Long (Squirrel MAV conceptor)
Benjamin Gerard
Pierre Baumann
François Boust
Richard Wallner


Various services
- Sagem DS
- Cuvelier Aviation
- Florida International University
- ...


Very close partners

Industrial partners


Artificial intelligence partners

Other partners


Polyvionics history

Polyvionics has been funded in 2007, after 5 years of experience in the UAV field.

During its history, Polyvionics developed 5 different autopilots, 2 MAVs and performed automation services to several companies and institutes...

Micav 1.0 (2004/2005)

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Stéphane Querry, PhD candidate at Polyvionics, presented a part of his research work about aircraft piloting through artificial intelligence, in a French scientific event called “Fête de la science”, through a LSIIT (UMR CNRS 7005 – University of Strasbourg ) stand.

Polyvionics is proud to be involved, inside a consortium led by the Italian company “Ingegneria dei sistemi”, in a contract with the European Defence Agency (EDA) for the feasibility analysis of an innovative navigation system (based on SAR systems) for UAV and cruise missiles.

The “Ponts et Chaussées” engineering school has launched several UAV projects, and has chosen Polyvionics for the avionics part development of their innovative systems.

Artificial Intelligence has a very important role in the Polyvionics research, and a very close partnership with the LSIIT (UMR CNRS 7005 – University of Strasbourg ) has been settled for the use of AI in the aerospace science: Static optimization for systems conception, and dynamic optimization for autonomous systems conduction.