Polyvionics Services

Polyvionics, an aerospace research and engineering company proposes services in the following fields:

- Artificial intelligence
- Automation field
Autopilot engineering/design
- Simulation development
UAV platform design



SkyView GCS (from the "Instrument Control Sweden" company)
SkyView GCS is a Ground Control Station intended to facilitate the creation of a STANAG 4586 compliant Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The STANAG (STANdardization AGreement) 4586 is a specification which allow shared command and control of UAS. Innovative presentation and intelligent sensor management let the operator focus on what's really important.



SkyView OpenPilot (from the "Instrument Control Sweden" company)
SkyView OpenPilot is a small autopilot (10 x 4 cm²) which has the following features:image
- Dual processor for Sensor and data processing (IMU, Magnetometer, GPS, Altimeter, Airspeed sensor, etc) and Flight management and communication (Control or Navigation algorithms, Payload management, Communications, etc)
- Internal long range modem (up to 32 km)
- Highly professional, ruggedized 9 DoF digital Inertial Measurement Unit
- Internal 3-axis magnetometer
- Altimeter sensor (Absolute pressure)
- GPS, position accuracy 2.6 m / Update rate 5 Hz
- Airspeed sensor (Differential pressure)
- Altitude sonar (high accuracy, 2 cm when <6.5 m)
- 6x analog ports (12 bits), 2x I2C bus, 2x SPI ports, 3x serial port for external modules
- 12 directly connectable servos



Squirrel MAV system (in development)
The Squirrel is a miniature, low cost solution for over-the-hill tactical UAV requirements. A rugged, modular and easy to deploy system, one man-operable, combines an optimized airframe with a powerful electrical engine and an advanced avionics package and digital datalinks.



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Stéphane Querry, PhD candidate at Polyvionics, presented a part of his research work about aircraft piloting through artificial intelligence, in a French scientific event called “Fête de la science”, through a LSIIT (UMR CNRS 7005 – University of Strasbourg ) stand.

Polyvionics is proud to be involved, inside a consortium led by the Italian company “Ingegneria dei sistemi”, in a contract with the European Defence Agency (EDA) for the feasibility analysis of an innovative navigation system (based on SAR systems) for UAV and cruise missiles.

The “Ponts et Chaussées” engineering school has launched several UAV projects, and has chosen Polyvionics for the avionics part development of their innovative systems.

Artificial Intelligence has a very important role in the Polyvionics research, and a very close partnership with the LSIIT (UMR CNRS 7005 – University of Strasbourg ) has been settled for the use of AI in the aerospace science: Static optimization for systems conception, and dynamic optimization for autonomous systems conduction.